2016 - 2018 

Falmouth University - Bachelor of Arts with First class honours in Fine Art

2015 - 2016

Exeter College - Foundation Diploma in Art and Design



For a Fellow at Spike Island, Bristol

Working in the collective Sounds of Life to open Unn Devik and Shannon Leah Watson’s show with a live improvised performance involving a mixture of objects and the space.


JOMO (JOY OF MISSING OUT) At Phoenix cafe gallery, Exeter


JOMO (JOY OF MISSING OUT)  in the attic at Falmouth Degree show, Falmouth University

Working within the collective JOMO to occupy the attic at Falmouth University degree show, forming an active space that held various events, performances, a free cocktail bar, talks, workshops and residencies from invited artists from outside the university. The physical space was always fluctuating to accommodate these happenings, not staying in one setup for longer than a few hours throughout the week's show.


Care Stranding as part of CTM and Transmediale Vorspiel festival w/ Keiken at Voodoo55, Berlin

Working within the collective 700ok to play live sound at the event/installation alongside performers who would move through the installation.


The Birth of Mother Digital With Keiken, Oxo Tower Wharf, London

Working within the collective 700ok playing live for three days, responding to performers active in the space as part of the installation.



JOMO (JOY OF MISSING OUT) @ Newlyn Exchange, Newlyn Cornwall

A week's evolving dialogue between space, artworks and subjectives. An environment for slippages, leaks, collisions, breakages, harmonies and dissonances. Taking the form of performances, workshops and guided walks, the gallery was open throughout the entire week allowing an audience to witness the construction and destruction of collective ideas.


Su-Vallience @ Back Lane West, Redruth Cornwall

A week researching sound, light, performance, projection and working and improvising collectively, culminating in an opening at the end of the week.



Soundtrack for Artist Lucy Stein Hospital rooms video, shown at Exeter Phoenix gallery 


Kodama for Rosy Seal  

A soundtrack for a piece of interactive furniture made from a 102-year-old coppice oak tree, the layers of the track were dismantled into many small fragments, these fragments were then triggered by four force-sensitive resistors spread throughout the chair, the level of pressure applied to the resistors selected the fragment to play to the person sitting in the chair.



Loose Lips Resonance series Feature  



Threads Radio - Curated Ghosts of our pasts 6 hour takeover on new year's day


Threads Radio - Sounds of life w/ Auguste Oldham & Zac Pomphrey Helmet Records takeover


Threads Radio - Threads Radio - Otherworldly Words and other 2 hour Sounds of Life showcase    


Threads Radio - Otherworldly Words and Other ambient breakfast show two hour live performance as part of Threads 48 hour live broadcast

2019 - Narratives From The Third Space with Autogenesis Sounds Of Life Takeover