A weeks recidency at the Newlyn Exchange gallery as JOMO collective (TheJoyOfMissingOut).
A dialogue between space, artworks and subjectives. An enviroment for slippages, leaks, collisions, breakages, harmonies and dissonances.

Quote from JOMO for the residency ︎︎︎

“Throughout the course of the week at Newlyn, JOMO intends to challenge dominant aesthetic ideologies with a spilling, unravelling and retracting curatorial practice, navigating the vectors between multiple individual processes as they evolve and overlap.” 

Alberta Shearing
Anastasia Rybina

Quote from the proposal we sent to the gallery ︎︎︎

“JOMO challenges the dominant aesthetic ideologies through a process of deconstructing the institutional forces that coerce our artistic practices into that of the clean, the sleek, the polished, the professional, and therefore the commodifiable, consumable object. We want our work to be unravelling, morphing, spilling, unfinished, destroyed then reactivated, instead of conceptualised as an end-point.

JOMO argues for a biodiversity of practices, a curatorial strategy that allows for a plurality of rhythms, protocols and methods which contaminate and influence each other. This is all subject to not-knowing: the contingency of chance-happenings, loose ends and experimentation inherent to making live work.

The work of art is never done, therefore there is always room for other authors. Throughout the course of the week at Newlyn Art Gallery, there will be sub-gatherings, including workshops, talks, and performances which will re-activate the space in different ways, as well as a score of conditions and actions that will be active throughout the week.”

JOMO curatorial manfesto: ︎

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