JOMO occuping the attic at the Falmouth University 2019 degree show.

Zac Pomphrey
Dominika Hoyle
Sam Dolby
Hattie Bush
Alberta Shearing
Anastasia Rybina
Charles Day
Chris Roberts

JOMO in the attic took place at Falmouth Univerity’s 2018 Fine Art degree show. The attic was transformed into an evolving space holding events, performances, talks along with the production of new work. The space was always active and flexable, often there were multiple things happening at once, overlapping eachother. 

Quote from the proposal we made to the Univeristy. ︎︎︎

“The JOMO degree show has already begun. The development of a temporal ecosystem that inhabits various different digital and physical spaces began months ago and will continue to oscillate after the degree show. Not confining itself to a fixed place, the slow motion exhibition stretches across time. An exhibition in rehearsal, in recess, at work, working overtime, taking stock and in waiting. This aggregate is to be evaluated by the rhythms of life in the place(s) it is located within at that moment in time. The slow motion JOMO exhibition will gather and Un-gather itself across a flexible network of spaces, buildings, websites, blogs, radio shows etc… expanding, fluctuating and transforming at its own pace. Tightening the space of relations, producing free areas which rhythm contrasts with those structuring everyday life, inventing possible inter-human encounters, providing little gaps of solitude and silence from normative structural rhythms. Paying attention to the beginning, unfurling and ending of processes in pried open, unstable, untethered formats. Allowing for unintended consequences in the cultivation of this precarious unstable ecosystem, an openness to all possibilities including those that are neither anticipated nor intended. Acknowledging the radical-incompleteness of the work and always providing the opportunity for another author in a series of continuous exchange.

The work will span across a multitude of different forms overlapping, interlacing, separating, unframing, rupturing, fermenting and disintegrating. The JOMO show will be engulfed within a state motion, of constant movement, rather than being the origin of an effort, it will enter into an already existing wave or flow. The show will be a constant performance involving and juggling sound, looping, listening, lighting, instillation, listening, workshops, talks, pop-up shops, sculpture, painting, film, electronics, robotics, automation, coding, projection and drawing. All individual spaces would have to link up and be somewhere where visitors and passersby would be able to see the constant fluctuation and development of the JOMO show over the period of the degree show. We also want the space to be flexible so that we can move, construct, deconstruct, fold and unfold the surroundings at varying speeds, producing seepages and flows between different kinds of practices. The fish bowl has such an open interconnected space it would allow for us to produce one large network of sensory aggregates that resonate and echo amongst themselves and their surroundings environments, inside and outside of the fish bowl, and institution.  

The show would work best in a cohesive group where each of the members spaces were in the same proximity, interconnected to create one large homogenized, curated culture like that of crystals, or molds, or colonies of microorganisms in an ever-growing fluctuation or oscillation. The show would be an ongoing process that would include a wide variety of actions and procedures that run throughout, before and after the period of the degree show, these process and actions will vary in volume size and participants. The JOMO show doesn’t need to be in complete isolation, and it may be productive to have other individual’s (outside of JOMO) spaces situated nearby which would act as an anomaly to the collective space. As the show won’t ever be in a static position rather in a state of constant change, it would react to its surroundings as they evolve. The JOMO show will be collectively produced and curated with the following people: Sam Dolby, Hattie Bush, Dominika Hoyle, Staz Rybin, Zac Pomphery, Auguste Oldham, Charlie Day, Alberta Shearing. We each require our own space but these spaces must overlap and be able to connect.”

JOMO curatorial manfesto: ︎

JOMO: ︎