A group of artists and musicians responding to and creating ghosts from our pasts, to navigate and build new possible futures.
An evening of hauntological listening, field recording, experimental electronics, music concrete, ambient and fourth world.

I was invited to curate a 6 hour takeover on Threads radio for New Years Day. I asked a small group of artists to take part, inviting them to respond the the term ‘Hauntoligy’ in their contributions.

When I was asked to put this together Unn Devik and I had already collated some ideas around the term Hauntoligy for another project that never came to be, and it felt like the perfect place to put some of these thoughts into action. Being on new years day, a time where everyone is thinking back and looking forwards.

I gave the artists a sentence to use as a starting place to work from for their contributions.

The sentence: ‘Ghosts formed from the possibility of past futures that maybe never came to be, haunting the digital radio waves with these possibilities, allowing them to grow into new possible futures. Ghosts from others pasts to navigate new possible futures.’

Threads radio: ︎